How to Order

To order an ‘All in Bloom’ assortment is fairly simple

Give us a call on +91 9810409847

Write to us with your requirement at

You can also DM us on our social media handles as follows:


How to Handle

For those seeking a long term relationship with your blooms, a little help from you will help them in keeping on spreading happiness for a longer time. Follow these simple tips for your flowers to achieve a longer life:

Keep your box away from fruits and vegetables since they give off gases that kill flowers quickly.

Keep your box in a cool environment and away from direct sunlight heat and draft.

Our boxes come equipped with a wet oasis that keeps flowers hydrated for a couple of days. You can pour a small amount of water on the oasis every day.

Sprinkle your flowers with water to bring back their fragrance.

As days pass, remove the dead or wilting leaves and stems from fresh flowers.

We hope you find these tips useful. We wish you to have lots of flowers in your life, especially from lovers! Please feel free to share your suggestions and tips for care of our flowers. We would love to hear from you!